We strive towards thorough technical solutions in a field post-tensioning technology that bring more freedom, functionality and profit to all stakeholders.

“Comprehensiveness, responsibility and trustworthiness is what we value the most when approaching any situation client bring to us. We do believe that our people and environmentally friendly solutions are highly evaluated by our partners as well, as they choose to return to us over again. I am beyond thankful to work in a team of strong professionals on a daily basis that are passionate about the thing they do and are never afraid of taking on new challenges, so that there is always a space for growth and progress.”
Artjoms Samarins
General Director

Architects appreciate

Greater spans
Fewer columns and supports
Big cantilevers
Minimal usage of beams

Contractors appreciate

Material economy
Faster formwork rotation
Faster speed of construction

Developers appreciate

Effective renting area usage
Reduction of material costs
Reduced environmental impact

In-depth Facts

453 957 m3
Concrete used in slabs
72 633 m3
Concrete saved
89 339 kg
CO2 Emissions cut down
Greatest transfer beam span
51 290
People using our building

Behind the curtain

Dmitrijs Birznieks
Head of Production
Jevgēņijs Tarasovs
Senior Engineer
Vitālijs Vasiļevskis
Senior Engineer
Dmitrijs Tarasovs
Senior Engineer
Irēna Avsejenkova
Natalija Aleksejeva
Office Administrator
+ a team of professionals in the
backstage of each project