Visiting Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies

On 26 February 2020, we visited Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies where we met 3rd and 4th course students of the Civil Engineering students to reveal more about what the industry is really like and open up about what qualities should be obtained now to be successful in it later.

First and foremost, students should remember that it is of utmost importance to study wholeheartedly and preserve passion for it for as long as possible. It is absolute true, that knowledges, acquired during studying are very useful in later career as well, even though students love thinking opposite. So, it is only beneficial for students to study thoroughly and meticulously enough. Artjoms Samarins, CEO of Strandeck told that he himself hasn’t thrown away his old notebooks from university times and still uses them time after time. It is the spirit of explorer that helps to conquer the coveted heights in construction industry, because keen interest is a must whenever you want to achieve something.  Of course, when establishing your own company, the beginning is never easy, so at this stage it is essential not to give up. Now, after more than 10 years of company’s fruitful and extensive international work, it is just another positive example on how to set up great things, without waiting someone to bring them to you.