Visiting Riga Classical Gymnasium

Continuing to visit schools and colleges as part of a far-reaching campaign “Choose to study construction”, on February 11, our CEO Artjoms Samarins visited Riga Classical Gymnasium and shared his knowledges and professional background in thriving construction industry. It was very promising to see that this school builds a solid foundation in Math, Economics and Engineering Sciences, forming special classes and putting an extra emphasis on these subjects apart from others.

It is not a surprise that many graduating students might feel confused and perplexed on deciding what to do next, especially during this time of opportunities at every corner. Therefore, it is vitally important that students can meet up with professionals of construction industry directly, ask questions and see by themselves how versatile industry is and what possibilities it offers.

During thorough presentation, Artjoms gave a brief insight on how to set up successful company, build strong team and what mindset and skill to obtain in order to become a specialist in demand. He underlined that it is never enough to just receive diploma and get a job. It is of utmost importance to learn new things on daily basis and maintain the thirst for knowledges for a lifetime.

We would love to say huge thanks to everyone who participated in guest-lecturing, asked questions and patiently listened to the answers. To see so many young faces it was very inspiring to us and we’re looking forward to see  next students,