Avia Solutions Group headquarters in Vilnius

Modern silhouette, arising over surrounding low-rise, industrial zones

Strandeck works completed in 2019
Darius ir Gireno g. 21 A, Vilnius
Veikmes Statyba UAB
Total area:
12 000 m2
Scope of works:


Located 2 km away from Vilnius International Airport, triangle shaped glass-façade newbuilt with its modern silhouette like a Fata Morgana arises over surrounding low-rise, industrial zones. Newbuilt height reaches 8 floors and it will serve the function of new headquarters of the largest aerospace business group from Central & Eastern Europe, completely transforming the neighborhood perception and outer appearance.

Structural design, technical supervision and stressing

Our scope of works during the project was structural design of interfloor slabs using post-tensioning technology and technical supervision of the installation works that in accordance with our directions, was performed by the General Contractor. Also, our team of site workers performed the stressing process of the tendons. During the concreting process of the slabs, technology “Pour-strip” (also known as closure strip) was applied. The main principle of the technology is to separate slab into 2 parts with a 1,5-2 m open space left, then install tendons in both parts, stress them and after 2 weeks concrete middle-zone (Pour strip part). This technology allows to control shrinkage and elastic shortening and creates free space during the stressing. It takes approximately 1 month to completely finish one slab.

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