Business premises Arka in Kaunas

The first A Class business centre in Kaunas

Strandeck works completed in 2018
Karaliaus Mindaugo pr. 37, Kaunas
YIT Lietuva UAB
Natkevičius & Partners
Total area:
11 600 m2
Scope of works:

Street that goes through the building

Office complex in Kaunas has become a unique example on post-tensioning technology application into structurally challenging projects. Urban planning indicated that the current land plot crosses with the car movement, therefore architecture of the building is made in a way so that the building and street can both serve their function without any restrictions. Structurally it meant that at first two floor levels street was going through the building.

Load distribution with a transfer beam

Loads of upper 5 floors were distributed by 5 one-span transfer beams with their length varying between 16 m (3 central) to 20 m (2 outside). Size of their cross-section 1,83x1,0 m. Each of the beams supported upper columns. During the project we performed development of transfer beam, interfloor slabs and cantilevers solutions, using post-tensioning technology. Also it was necessary to calculate transfer beam and composite column joints. Width of upper slabs was 23 cm; underground parking slab – 30 cm.

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