Club Central Residence II

Modern new build that preserves authentic treasures

Completed in 2019
Lāčplēša St. 11/13, Riga, Latvia
Total area:
4 718 m2
Scope of works:

Hidden treasure

Restored ceiling painting, adorning entrance hall of Club Central Residence II, is absolutely unique artistical element that is nearly impossible to find anything alike in a new build neither in Riga, nor across all Baltic region. New build on the corner of Baznīcas and Lāčplēša Streets has taken the place of a wooden building with its history dating back to 1860 but whose load bearing structures in the course of time unfortunately were damaged beyond repair. Nonetheless, the previous house was hiding an authentic treasure – ornately decorated, exquisite 19th century ceiling painting. Professional restorators meticulously separated painting from historical constructions, recovered it and then by applying special technology attached every single fragment onto the entrance hallway ceiling, therefore making it as the focal point of the space.

Architectural meaning

Architectural composition of a brand-new residential complex comprises of glass curtain wall and large-sized stoneware slabs on the first-floor level, expressive bay of aluminum glass façade system composition on the second to fifth-floor level, and large format wood texture panels for façade cladding purposes. Location of the building inspired the project author to integrate into bay composition Lielvārde belt ornaments, thus making parallels with neighboring Old St. Gertrude's Church artistical solutions and creating architectural double code system fairly straightforward to grasp.

Strandeck input

Within the framework of the project Strandeck main duty was structural design, manufacturing and installation of post-tensioning technology into interfloor slabs. In total there were 7 above ground floors and 1 underground floor, that each stretched over 600-700 sq. m. The most challenging part was regarding underground floor, that had 4 different height levels and therefore had to be concreted in several approaches. Moreover, post-tensioning strands were installed into beams as well. The project received honorable 1st place in annual Latvian Construction Award 2019 as the best new residential building.

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