Construction of a brand-new parking

Spacious and user-friendly parking lot

Completed in 2018
Draken 1, Malmo, Sweden
Flexrock Sverige AB
Horisont Arkitekter AB
Total area:
8 000 m2
Scope of works:

Parking shortage worldwide

It is estimated that over 1 billion passenger cars travel the streets and roads of the world today, a figure that's rapidly growing day by day. And they all need to park somewhere. It is stated by many architects and city landscapers that car parks should be more "environmentally responsible" and "aesthetically pleasing" that harmonically integrates into surrounding landscape silhouette, whether it is shopping mall or residential apartments. And one of the ways on how to make parking more accessible for wider number of people without turning into prairies of bitumen are multi-storey parking spaces.

About the project

Multi-storey parking space in Malmo consists of 8 levels that together create 4 floors. Within the framework of the project Strandeck was in charge of full structural design of the parking (except foundation) in addition to on-site installation of post-tensioning technology into slabs and manufacturing of PT elements. Thanks to post-tensioning it was possible to create larger spans up to 12,5 m, without increasing the width of the slabs, that lead to significant cost economy on materials. Moreover, PT allows to speed up the whole construction process as the formwork rotation is faster in comparison to traditional reinforced concrete methods.

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