Construction of business center k29

Distinguished architecture, sustainability and energy efficiency that creates perfect working environment

Strandeck works completed in 2015
Konstitucijos pr. 29, Vilnius
Veikmes Statyba UAB
PLH Arkitekter, Archinova UAB
Total area:
34 000 m2
Scope of works:

Architectural concept

Elliptical shaped office building is an eight-storey glass façade building with an atrium, which provides natural lighting throughout the year. Architectural concept of the building was to create the form that would reflect the surroundings, in particularly, hill slope of the Neris right riverbank.

Main challenges

The main task was to use efficiently land plot for underground floors structure (rectangular form) and adjust architectural concept for top structure (oval form) that starting from the 6th floor is under 13 degrees angle. Moreover, due to irregular form, top structure columns didn’t not match location of the underground floors’ columns. Therefore a transfer beam system was created to bear the loads from upper columns. Another challenge engineers had to face was the fact that originally roof consisted of metal structures. However due to buildings irregular shape it was not reasonable to do so. As a result, it was replaced by concrete slab under 13 degrees angle using post-tensioning system. With a span length of 9 meters, width of the slab was 240 mm, width of capitals- 160 mm. Consequently, it became possible to reduce total height of the roof structures and implement beamless layout (240 wide slab and 400 mm capitols instead of 550 mm and metal beams). This solution helped to simplify erection of the roof and helped to construct it without involving outsource specialists.

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