Construction of Park Inn Hotel by Radison Valdemara in Riga

One of the most prominent chain-branded hotels in Riga

Strandeck works completed in 2015
Krogus St. 1, Riga
LNK Industries JSC
5. Iela SIA
Total area:
8 710 m2
Scope of works:

Exclusive location

Brand new hotel on the way to the Riga International airport and, what is more, with a spectacular view onto the Riga Old Town and the River Daugava – sounds quite appealing to the numerous tourists and entrepreneurs arriving to the capital. One of the most prominent chain-branded hotels in Riga is shaped in a form of a ten-storey high-rise building and comprises of 178 rooms, 305 m2 spacious conference hall and other business and recreational areas.

Strandeck input

Within the framework of the project, we headed structural design works of the slab solutions, using post-tensioning technology (unbonded system). For the separation of floor levels, 11 units of slabs were used with their width ranging from 220 mm to 250 mm and their area reaching up to 740 m2 per unit. Spaced all around the perimeter of last three floors, balcony slabs with their area per floor reaching 190 m2 were added a well. Since slabs were standard, no extraordinary solutions were required. Nonetheless, the main project challenge was slab of underground conference hall because of its increased loads - 2 t/m2. As a result, 10 kg of steel tendons per sq.m. had to be placed, in comparison, usually this figure is about 4 kg/m2. Likewise, the increased loads meant that the amount of slab reinforcement increased as well, consequently labor capacity of tendons installation into a project position increased as well, as they had to be installed firstly in accordance with requirements of the technology, secondly, avoiding their conflict with basic reinforcement. In total 37.5 tons of steel tendons were used in the project. Particularly because of post-tensioning technology it was possible to provide 16.5 long spans over the conference hall.

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