Expansion project of Alfa Retail park

The biggest shopping place in Latvia

Strandeck works completed in 2019
Brīvības Avenue 372, Riga
Merks SIA
SIA Sarma & Norde Arhitekti
Total area:
55 000 m2
Scope of works:

The biggest shopping premises in Latvia

"Size Matters" – under such a slogan a fierce competition on the status of biggest shopping place in Latvia in the last decade can be observed. After two years of extensive expansion works and 55-million-euro investment, this honor will return to the "Alfa” shopping center. After reconstruction works, total area of the shopping center will reach up to 154 000 m2, that are promised to be focused more on families and children, offering the biggest restaurant area in Latvia, vast entertainment area and additional underground parking lot.

Strandeck contribution

Within the framework of the project, we developed solutions for 8015 m2 foundation slab and four 8500 m2 interfloor slabs using post-tensioning technology. Significant thing about the project is its enormous size, that included 6x6 m pile grillages that were located only a couple meters between each other. Since during the pile drilling the bunker was discovered, it was impossible to place a pile grillage there, therefore our engineers team decided to create a transfer beam with bonded tendons in it so that the loads are distributed to the surrounding piles. Length of the transfer beam was 30.15 m and its height – 2 m.

Post-Built solutions

The specifics of any shopping and entertainment center is that there will always be a large number of different tenants from miscellaneous fields, such as cafés, gyms etc., each of them has their own project for their renting areas, that includes the location of new openings into slabs as well. In order to place openings correctly without affecting the qualities of the slabs, our specialist firstly scans the spans with a special reading device and according to the results, engineers evaluate the exact location where the openings can be placed. During this project, total number of new openings amounted to 300, the largest of which was 0.8 x 0, 8m.

Through effective cooperation with our industry’s colleagues and close partnerships, we have already achieved a lot.

But if you wish to conquer new horizons and take on tremendous challenges in construction field, our deep knowledges and diligent attitude will make us a reliable partner and valuable contribution to your prospective project.