House of Science

Up-to-date environment for brilliant ideas

Completed in 2019
Jelgavas St. 1, Riga, Latvia
University of Latvia
Sestais Stils SIA
Total area:
20 018 m2
Scope of works:

Modern studying environment

It is out of doubt that surrounding environment is one of essentials for inspiration and creative mindset. And it is huge step forward for all society in general and students in particular that Riga has got another high-quality building that embodies all those values of futuristic and out of box thinking for young minds. The building consists of 8 above ground levels and in the center of it there is located a bright and spacious atrium, that allows so much needed daylight to come in. In total there are 15 lecture halls (the biggest one with 320 seats), 8 seminar rooms, 78 laboratories.

Strandeck scope of works

Within the framework of the project Strandeck performed full scope of post-tensioning stage, that includes structural design, manufacturing and on-site installation of all required elements. In this case, post-tensioning was applied for interfloor slabs, starting from the ground floor and above. Underground levels kept the original solutions. Since the façade of the building was relatively heavy as it was made out of reinforced concrete sandwich panels it resulted in heavy loads, equal to 2 t/m. Also, the form of the slabs was circle-shaped with an atrium in the center, so it was reasonably to apply post-tensioning and strengthen it with beams of 1,5x0,5 m and capitels. Non-standard architectural shapes also meant long cantilevers of more that 3,5 m. The biggest span was over the large lecture hall and reached 25 m. In order to reduce heavy loads without significant increase of span width, post-tensioning was combined with void formers of 52 cm diameter, while the slab width remained 60 cm.

Through effective cooperation with our industry’s colleagues and close partnerships, we have already achieved a lot.

But if you wish to conquer new horizons and take on tremendous challenges in construction field, our deep knowledges and diligent attitude will make us a reliable partner and valuable contribution to your prospective project.