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In progress
Konstitucijos pr. 18 B, Vilnius, Lithuania
Veikmes Statyba UAB
Archinova UAB
Total area:
36 700 m2
Scope of works:

Building in general

At the very center of Vilnius business center another modern silhouette of mixed-use type building is about to be erected. Building consists of two main volumes of 9 and 20 floors with a common 3 storey parking. It means that within the project there are 3 main types of slabs, that in order to reach their structural and economic advantages were designed using post-tensioning technology.


The main challenge of the project was to create solutions for joints of slab types between construction volumes, as each of them has significant height differences. If usually it is solved by putting double columns under the joint so that each of them is bearing the loads of one respective slab, this time it was decided in favor of pour-strip method. It means to leave the spots of joints unconcreted until the whole building’s carcass is finished. Since the perimeter walls don’t posses the function of load bearing, they are to be concreted at the very end as well.

Calculation models

During the slab structural design 3 calculation models for 3 different cases were created. First case: calculation without building settlement (building parts are still separated); second case: building parts are joined (according to this case punching shear reinforcement is calculated); third case: building parts are joined together, and uneven settlement of each construction volume happens. Last case is the most theoretical one, as it is based on predictions of worst-case scenario.

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