Multifunctional center Akropole

Modern architecture with a reference to the past

Completed in 2019
Maskavas St. 257B Riga, Latvia
Merks SIA, Mitnija UAB
Sarma&Norde arhitekti
Total area:
98 000 m2
Scope of works:

Project in general

Multifunctional center Akropole is built at the very place where Kuznetsov Porcelain factory used to be until 2008, when it was almost completely dismantled. Nonetheless, within the architecture of the center a lot of former factory traits have been preserved and made to be the centerpiece of façade and interior. The complex consists of 2 storey shopping&entertainment part and 9 storey office building, that is made as vertical accent of the whole building. Total area of complex is 98 000 sq.m, that includes 9000 sq. m. of office premises, 140 shops, 30 cafes and restaurants, ice hall, cinema and many other entertainment places. Total developed area reaches 16 hectares mark. The works also included construction of extensive infrastructure supporting the multifunctional center – parking, surrounding streets and landscaping.

Strandeck scope of works

During the project Strandeck contribution was structural design and on-site installation of post-tensioning technology within the 9-storey office building of 9000 sq. m. area. Moreover, Strandeck performed manufacturing of all required PT elements. Thanks to PT it became possible to implement some significant benefits into slabs that were advantageous to all involved parts, that included faster formwork rotation, reduced width of slabs and provision of greater spans. The project received 1st place in annual Latvian Construction Award 2019 as the best new public building.

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