Office premises G. Baravyko

Sunlighted working space

In progress
Gedimino Baravyko g. 4, Vilnius, Lithuania
Veikmes Statyba UAB
Total area:
19 268 m2
Scope of works:

About G. Baravyko

Spacious, airy and modern building, that perfectly merges into Vilnius commercial center outline and makes a huge step closer for Vilnius to look like a world class metropolis. Brand new office premises will be located in a building of a glass-façade with 6 above ground floors and 2 underground parking levels. Therefore, the main emphasis has been put onto the daylight amount in the working space.

Why post-tensioning?

Part of the parking slabs includes zone under the intensive traffic street. As a result of it, both underground levels had unusually high loads. Nonetheless using post-tensioning, it was possible to maintain the same width of the slabs. Moreover, in order to ease maneuvering possibilities in limited parking space, application of post-tensioning allowed to increase the length of spans until 11-12 m marks.

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