Office premises Nova

When future is there and now – office premises that are environment and people friendly

In progress
Gerulaičio g. 4, Vilnius
Veikmes Statyba UAB
Unitectus UAB
Total area:
38 500 m2
Scope of works:

Message of the building

At the very heart of the business Vilnius, situated between prominent shopping and entertainment places a brand-new office complex “NOVA” with a total investment in amount of 52 mln. euro is currently under construction. The new office block offers not only high-quality architecture, but also carries on a mission to create an environmentally friendly space, that would contribute to creative mindset, while embodying the values of sustainable and green thinking, therefore reflecting the main challenge of our age – battle with global climate change.

Main benefit of post-tensioning

“Strandeck” has given a significant contribution to this project as well. Our main task was to, firstly, create rational and safe design solutions for interfloor slabs, by applying post-tensioning technology, and, secondly, their competent installation directly at the construction site, which is possible thanks to company’s own site specialists. Even though at the first glimpse it looks like the project consists of 3 separate buildings, in fact it is only a mirage, since from a structural point of view more appropriate would be say that it is a whole building, with varying number of levels, divided into 3 parts, with a height of 9, 8 and 7 above-ground floors and 2 underground floors as a parking space. The division of parts is based on the location of expansion joints with a gap of 20 mm.

Core challenges

Taking into account architectural separation, but constructive unity, the project consists of three main monolithic concrete slabs A, B and C, that each were subdivided in accordance with the specific characteristics of the horizontal load-bearing structures. Total area of underground slabs was respectively 1400 m2, 1770 m2 and 2250 m2; above-ground level - 1000 m2, 1170 m2, 1400 m2, thus forming a total effective area of 38 500 m2. Width of monolithic slabs ranges from 250 mm (standard floors) to 300 mm (at the level of -1 floor) and within them 6-inches steel tendons with a diameter of 15.7 mm. The longest of tendon reaches the mark of 45 m. Reason why slabs at the -1 floor level are relatively widen is due to the fact that this floor bears the biggest loads and also it possesses varying height marks. The main challenge at both phases – structural design and construction was the installation of tendons, under conditions of dense slab and beam reinforcement. Under such circumstances, installation of tendons became more labor-intensive compared to less complicated circumstances, since it requires an extremely rigorous approach to placing height mark distancers and installation of tendons at the project place.

Through effective cooperation with our industry’s colleagues and close partnerships, we have already achieved a lot.

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