Quadrum business city

“The best office space” in Baltics

Strandeck works completed in 2019
Konstitucijos pr. 21, Vilnius
Merko statyba, UAB
Lund+Slaato Arkitekter, Arches
Total area:
70 000 m2
Scope of works:

Project in general

On the right bank of the River Neris and opposite National Gallery of Art an up-to-date multifunctional business center named «Quadrum», is authentically emerging onto the current capital silhouette. ”Quadrum” totally transforms the perception of high-quality corporate space to an unprecedented level, therefore gaining an unofficial status as the very best office space in Baltic states. As an affirmation to such a praise, is a fact that the project is created in accordance with highly valued BREEAM standards, having been evaluated as "very good". Office complex consists of three buildings with a height of 17, 12 and 9 floors and each named after cardinal directions "East", "North" and "South", reaching their total area of 70 000 m2.

Benefits of post-tensioning

Not to mention, that high standard of quality imposed special requirements for the selection of subcontractors and their technologies, as they must comply with the basic principles of energy-efficient and responsible approach to construction process. That is why a distinguished level of "Strandeck" competence, that has been acquired throughout the years on implementation of post-tensioning tendons technology was exactly the thing that project needed. First and foremost, technology made it possible to reduce the width of the interfloor slabs, while providing the same level of load-bearing characteristics, but with a significantly lower consumption of material in comparison to standard technology. Consequently, the mass of quite impressive monolithic slabs was reduced as well. Last but not the least benefit of post-tensioning systems at this case, was that they allowed to increase the spans between columns, reaching 12.5 m at some places. To achieve mentioned above advantages, 6-inches tendons with a diameter of 15.7 mm were used within the slab and installed after each 800mm -1000 mm at the level of underground parking and 850 mm-1250 mm at the level of above-ground level.

Void formers – lighter slabs

In order to reduce the maximum loads of the floor slabs onto the vertical load-bearing structures team of “Strandeck” structural engineers worked out a unique solution using Cobiax void former systems that can diminish the amount of required concrete up to 35%. The concept of this cutting-edge technology is to omit the non-working concrete from the slab, by positioning cage modules between the reinforcement layers and tendons in the slab's cross section where they also serve as supporting cages. As a result, the overall weight of the massive structure is reduced, and larger areas are enabled to be spanned. The width of the slabs ranges from 230 mm to 280 mm (ranging the void diameter respectively from 100 mm to 160 mm). Area of one single slab is 930 m2 at the Easth and North buildings, 620 m2 and 830 m2 at the South building.

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