Second phase of Mežaparks Great Bandstand renovation

Internationally renowned and praised Mežaparks Great Bandstand

Strandeck works completed in 2019
Ostas prospekts 11, Riga
LNK&ReRe consortium
Austris Mailītis and Juris Poga
Total area:
8 200 m2
Scope of works:

Symbolic meaning of the object

Renovation of Mežaparks Great Bandstand built in 1955 has become one the most significant and most talked about projects of the past years. It is in the spotlight of Latvian society and construction, acoustic and architecture experts from the very first day. Not only it is the biggest open-air stage in Latvia with a capacity of 77 000 people, but also an object with deep roots in Latvian self-determination – it is a traditional location for Latvian Song and Dance Festival that is organized once in five years almost without interruption since 1873.


The Great Bandstand of Mežaparks comprises of the audience zone, renovated during the first phase and open-air stage that is renovated now, during the second phase of construction works. After completion bandstand will obtain capacity of accommodating up to 13 000 chorists, thus making it into one of the largest tribunes all over the world. Architecturally bandstand is given the shape of a crescent, that consists of 5 levels and whose area reduces proportionally to the height of the floor. The main task of our company was structural design of the radial-shaped interfloor slabs and the reduction of beam deflection using post-tensioning technology. The total area of 240 mm wide slabs reached 8200 m2, whereas, thanks to the post-tensioning it became possible to reach 15.4 m long beam spans in the central part of structure. Total mass of steel tendons amounted to 37.1 tons.


Due to the fact that columns between slabs were placed radially in order to adjust atypical slab shapes, it made installation of steel tendons challenging. The reasons for that is because tendon system has to be placed in a way that they don’t conflict with basic reinforcement. Also rationalization of angled beams using post-tensioning with a purpose to reduce beam deflection and amount of reinforcement was quite arduous task as well.

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