Shopping and entertainment center Vilnius Outlet

The most gigantic shopping and entertainment center in Lithuania

In progress
Vytauto Pociūno g. 8, Pilaitė, Vilnius
Mitnija UAB
Užupio architektai UAB
Total area:
62 000 m2
Scope of works:

Magnitude of Vilnius Outlet

Vilnius Outlet is to be one the most gigantic shopping and entertainment centers in Lithuania with a total effective area of more than 62 000 m2. Here are some numbers that perfectly illustrate its enormous scale - 150 brand-new outlet-type stores, supermarket, 30 restaurants, movie theater, sport center and 51-million-euro investment. It all makes this project one of the biggest ever for Strandeck so far. The project is set to be finished in March 2021 and it will be an A+ energy grade building.

Structural scheme of slabs

The building consists of four floors with their area of 24 000 m2, 12 000 m2, 12 000 m2 and 1000 m2 respectively and it is standing on 3 m high piles with their amount reaching up to 1700 units. Our scope of works was structural design, manufacturing and installation of post-tensioning technology solutions for 4 main slabs. Due to vast quantities of the project, calculation had to be divided into 11 separate calculation models, since none of the currently existing programs were capable of calculating such enormous quantities at once.


The main obstacle engineers team had to face were large quantities that resulted in heavy loads onto the structures. For example, average load is 1 t/m2 that means load passed to one column from only one slab is equal to 500 t. Furthermore, due to relatively enlarged amounts, each of beams were unique, and in order for adjacent beam tendons not to cross, their location had to be designated precisely not only at project phase but at construction phase as well, therefore installation of tendons becomes more labor intensive. Moreover, only thanks to post-tensioning it was possible to cover 17.2 m long spans here.

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