Our clients receive a full scope of services that cover every essential part of the project, regarding post-tensioning technology.

Expert Consultations

In some cases it might be challenging to decide which way to pursue. That is why our team of competent and experienced professionals will find what works out the best for your particular situation.

Comprehensive Structural Engineering

Our team of structural engineers have developed a distinctive level of competence working with time-tested and recognized all over the world post-tensioning technology. As a result we are able to elaborate the most rational and safe solutions for your project's needs.

High-quality manufacturing

When it comes to manufacturing required for post-tensioning elements we bring to you world-class experience, stored at our strategically convenient in-house plant.

Responsible construction

Because of our in-depth involvement at every project implementation stage and thanks to our qualified site workers we are able to offer the best possible on-site execution with meticulous approach and care to every aspect.

Our responsibility over the project does not end with construction work finishing - in cases there are changes in project or there is an idea of building extension we offer elaboration of post-built solutions as well.

Through effective cooperation with our industry’s colleagues and close partnerships, we have already achieved a lot.

But if you wish to conquer new horizons and take on tremendous challenges in construction field, our deep knowledges and diligent attitude will make us a reliable partner and valuable contribution to your prospective project.